You can replace your bathroom fan

| by Patrick Nielsen
You can replace your bathroom fan

Like all mechanical things, bathrooms fans wear out eventually. When the motor bearings start wear, an aging bath fan can sound like you're being invaded by screeching ghosts. And nobody wants to hear that.

Even a beginner level do-it-yourselfer can replace the worn out fan with a new model that will be more energy efficient, quieter, and may include upgrades like LED lighting.

The good new is, you don't even have to crawl in the attic do it.

Broan's ULTRA™ Series Ventilation Fans with ULTRA Quick™ Installation Technology allow fan installation in any type of joist or truss system without access from above in most applications.

Easy retrofit installation from the room-side means not having to worry about installation conditions. ULTRA™ Series Ventilation Fans have exclusive installation features such as a telescoping mounting frame, snap-in housing, snap-in blower and inside-out mounting duct connector and wiring bracket that can be installed from the room-side.

The expandable mounting frame adjusts from 14 inches to 24 inches and fits any type of joist, I-Joist or truss construction. The easy-to-position carriage enables location adjustment between joists to ensure desired ceiling placement.

The vertical positioning tabs ensure the housing is in the right place. Then the blower just snaps into the housing.

No matter what’s behind the drywall when you take down that noisy old fan, the installation will be easy. And just as important, the ULTRA™ Series meets whole-house mechanical ventilation codes and green building program requirements.

The DC motor delivers energy-efficient performance, using only 5.8 watts in the 80 CFM models. To virtually ensure full-rated performance regardless of the ducting design or condition, the ULTRA™ Series fans automatically monitor and adjust CFM output. For continuous ventilation needs, multi-speed models may be precisely set as low as 30 CFM to avoid costly over-ventilating. A second dial controls runtime at maximum CFM.

Bring your bathroom ventilation system in the 21st century. The ULTRA™ Series is revolutionary way to install and a revolutionary way to ventilate. And it's great way to banish that screeching ghost from house!

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