Your car has a dashboard. Should your building have one?

| by Christian Gilbert
Your car has a dashboard. Should your building have one?

The typical car has gauges or readings for engine temperature, fuel levels, vehicle speed, outside temperature, RPM, fuel economy, among other things. The engine light lets you know when to see a mechanic. The engine temperature gauge can indicate a problem with the cooling system. The dashboard helps you run and maintain your car.

Why doesn’t your home or business have a similar dashboard, with feedback for heating, cooling, hot water, and electricity?

Every building is supported by important systems. With PowerWise, you can have an online dashboard showing the performance or use of many different building systems, including:

  • Electricity use
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Mini split heat pumps
  • PV and wind power production
  • Solar hot water / domestic hot water
  • Water use and storage

Our dashboards show costs, runtimes, production, efficiency, impact on environmental conditions, and much more. You can instantly see the current and historical conditions and performance.

PowerWise Systems Dashboard

Monitoring the performance also helps you identify small problems before they become larger issues. Easily see when pumps are running for no reason (a leak?), equipment turning off and off repeatedly, temperature changes, too much electricity being used, and other indicators of potential problems.

PowerWise Systems gives you important insight into the systems that support the building for your home or business. Our building performance dashboards are just as important as the dashboard in your car, in fact, maybe more important. Consider investing in a building performance dashboard for your home or business.

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