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Most green building programs address site, energy, water, materials, and indoor environmental quality. Green Building Consulting has expertise in all of these areas, and is skilled at assembling a design team, or assisting an existing design team in using a cohesive approach to creating high performance buildings. Green Building Consulting can perform the required testing and verification to certify your structure. Whether an individual home owner, developer, property manager, architect, or builder, they can help you with the certification for a number of “green” programs.

Green Building Consulting's team of accredited professionals can provide the following technical services:

  • Training and consulting on environmentally-responsible building design and construction
  • Design reviews and in-field training and diagnostics
  • Process guidance and administration, which includes scheduling, task management, documentation, and submittal preparation
  • Environmental materials research and recommendations
  • Development of specifications to support the process
  • Equipment and life-cycle analysis and costing
  • Energy performance modeling and building optimization
  • Lighting, day lighting, renewable energy and passive solar consultations
  • Project-specific educational presentations for the project team or client

Products and Services

RESNET Accredited QA / Rating Provider

Green Building Consulting has the responsibility of ensuring the quality of rating services. Learn more »

Enterprise Green Communities TA (Technical Assistance) Provider

A Technical Assistance Provider is a qualified expert in topics related to the design, development and construction of energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe affordable housing. Learn more »

Project Administration

Green Building Consulting can provide full administrative services for your project, from initial planning to final certification. Learn more »

Green Building Training & Education

Green Building Consulting offers several training classes related to environmentally-sustainable building practices and design, building science, and energy efficiency. Learn more »

Home Energy Modeling

Green Building Consulting's staff can provide energy modeling of your planned or existing commercial or residential building. Learn more »

Residential Energy Performance Analysis & Testing

Green Building Consulting conducts energy audits on single-family, multi-family, and commercial buildings. Learn more »

Infrared Imaging Scans

Thermal imaging has been found to be helpful in identification of many types of construction deficiencies, plumbing leaks, moisture intrusion, roof leaks, and areas of inadequate insulation in structures. Learn more »
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