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Sustainability is gaining momentum worldwide.

From recycling to energy efficiency to reducing carbon emissions there is a growing importance to minimize our impact on the environment. Building renovation & construction is at the forefront of this movement. Building green promotes continued health, financial savings, and social responsibility throughout the entire community, and has a significant impact on our environment. Green building is the construction standard for the future and the smart solution for today.

At PPG we understand that sustainability is a driving design factor on projects nationwide. Our products, including paint, play an important role in building green. PPG is committed to making environmentally progressive products. Many of our paint lines have zero or low volatile organic compound (VOC) contents enabling them to assist architects, building owners and home builders in building green. PPG was one of the first pioneers in the paint industry in developing new performance standards for zero and low VOC products. With PPG, painting green does not mean sacrificing your coatings performance.

Green Builing...

  • Decreases operating expenses by 8-9 percent

  • Increases the building value by 7.5 percent

  • Improves ROI for building owners by 6.6 percent

  • Enhances building’s overall attractiveness increasing occupancy by 3.5 percent and rent by 3 percent (U.S. Green Building Council, 2007)

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PPG Pittsburgh Paints