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Rabe Hardware and geothermal is thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable to make the best geothermal ground loops to optimize the installation and the efficiencies of each geothermal system we install in Eastern Iowa or Central Iowa. We will evaluate your unique situation and recommend the appropriate geothermal loop to achieve the best geothermal performance. We  discuss with each customer all geothermal options and explain the reasons why some systems have advantages over others.

For the discussions and recommendations, Rabe Hardware and geothermal has strong geothermal experience and understands well each type of loop system for East Central Iowa:

Closed and open geothermal loops

Vertical and horizontal geothermal loops

Water, pond or lake geothermal loops

Rabe Hardware, Inc. has 27 employees, a devotion to customer service for 31 years, and holds licenses in the state of Iowa for Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Hydronics & Refrigeration.

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Products and Services

Geothermal Water Heating

Geothermal water heating anywhere in Central Iowa and Eastern Iowa is a wise thing for many of our customers to incorporate with their geothermal ground source heat pump system.  Learn more »

Radiant Floor Heating

Significant benefits result when incorporating in floor radiant heat with a geothermal system. Learn more »

Geothermal Design

Rabe Hardware and geothermal, Inc. designs, recommends and installs the best and most energy efficient geothermal systems in Central Iowa. Learn more »

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