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Underfloor heating & cooling is a form of central heating/cooling which achieves indoor climate control primarily through thermal conduction and thermal radiation rather than convection. Heat can be provided by circulating heated water or by electric cable, mesh, or film heaters. 

Many of our Eastern Iowa or Central Iowa geothermal systems customers, choose in floor radiant heat for warming their homes during cooler outside temperatures.

Significant benefits result when incorporating in floor radiant heat with a geothermal system:

Extremely comfortable even heat, virtually eliminating hot and cold spots.

Higher indoor air quality, as less pollutants are airborne, thereby reducing or eliminating human and pet respiratory sensitivities. 

Rabe Hardware, Inc. has 27 employees, a devotion to customer service for 31 years, and holds licenses in the state of Iowa for Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Hydronics & Refrigeration.

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Geothermal Water Heating

Geothermal water heating anywhere in Central Iowa and Eastern Iowa is a wise thing for many of our customers to incorporate with their geothermal ground source heat pump system.  Learn more »

Geothermal Ground Loops

Rabe Hardware and geothermal is thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable to make the best geothermal ground loops to optimize the installation and the efficiencies of each geothermal system we install in Eastern Iowa or Central Iowa.  Learn more »

Geothermal Design

Rabe Hardware and geothermal, Inc. designs, recommends and installs the best and most energy efficient geothermal systems in Central Iowa. Learn more »

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