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Any high home performance or green building program, such as ENERGY STAR Ratings, requires third-party verification to ensure the validity of a builder’s claims on energy efficiency. Imery Group is an approved Georgia ENERGY STAR rater, offering ENERGY STAR ratings and verifications for home builders across the state. (Contact Imery Group to verify ENERGY STAR ratings on your next project.)

New homes meeting ENERGY STAR ratings for Georgia are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR ratings remain the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance. To date in Georgia, ENERGY STAR raters like the Imery Group have certified more than 20,000 homes. Georgia Power customers can obtain discounted rates for buying new homes that have been certified by an ENERGY STAR rater in Georgia. ENERGY STAR ratings also qualify for rebate programs through several Georgia EMCs. These buildings are good for homeowners, businesses and the environment.

In addition to ENERGY STAR ratings, Imery Group is also qualified to provide third-party verification on other green building certifications, including Indoor Air Plus, LEED for Homes, EarthCraft House and EarthCraft Multifamily certifications. As a Georgia ENERGY STAR rater and third-party verifier, we work closely with the builder or contractor throughout the construction process. Our goal is to prepare these professionals for success with Georgia ENERGY STAR ratings before construction begins. To achieve this, we study the building plans, model the home energy use, based on the proposed building components, and make recommendations as needed to meet the guidelines for ENERGY STAR ratings or other green certification programs.

During construction we provide two on-site inspections – pre-drywall and final – and perform diagnosis testing to determine the air leakage of the home and duct system, as required for ENERGY STAR ratings in Georgia. Imery Group also provides consulting services to individuals or builders seeking LEED for Home certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, homes that meet the qualifications for ENERGY STAR ratings deliver approximately 20 percent savings on annual utility bills, because they use less energy for heating, cooling and water heating. In addition, verification by an ENERGY STAR rater ensures consistent temperatures across rooms and improved indoor air quality. Georgia ENERGY STAR ratings also improve durability with comprehensive water protection, windows that block damaging sunlight and better grade equipment. And people who are concerned about the environment, can rest assured that homes approved by an ENERGY STAR rater have a smaller impact on air-quality and result in few greenhouse gas emissions.

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