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A home energy auditor in Georgia can help, if you’re paying high utility bills. A home energy auditor can determine why some areas of your home are hotter or colder than others. If you feel drafts, a home energy audit can locate the source. A home energy audit is a good first step in finding solutions to many homeowner issues and concerns. 

The Imery Group specializes in Georgia home energy audits to measure the energy efficiency of your house. With a certified home energy audit and rating you will learn where the trouble areas and leaks are in your building, and what weatherization projects to tackle first to get the fastest return on your investment. A home energy audit can help you save up to 30 percent or more on your utility bills in the state of Georgia, while providing you a healthier, durable and more comfortable home.

If you’re considering having a home energy auditor come to your house, check with your local utility company for rebates and home improvement incentive programs that may help cover the cost of a home energy audit. For instance, Georgia Power’s EarthCents Home Improvement Program will alleviate the costs of a home energy audit for qualified customers, and many EMCs have similar programs. 

Depending on the degree of home energy improvements recommended by your Georgia home energy auditor, you might qualify for Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM), which are programs specifically design to help home owners afford energy improvements. In addition to performing Georgia home energy audits, Imery Group is proud to be an approved contractor and rater for Georgia Power’s EarthCents  Home Improvement Program. 

For clarification purposes, some people refer to home energy audits as BPI assessments, energy ratings, or even HERS ratings. In any case they are similar in nature. To learn more about home energy audits or to schedule a visit from a home energy auditor in Georgia, contact the Imery Group.

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Energy Star Rater and Third-Party Certifications

Any high home performance or green building program requires third-party verification to ensure the validity of a builder’s claims on energy efficiency.Imery Group is an approved Georgia ENERGY STAR rater, offering ENERGY STAR ratings and verifications for home builders across the state. Learn more »

Green Building Consulting in Georgia

If you’re building a new home in Georgia, hiring the Imery Group to serve as your Green Building Consultant is a smart choice. Once the scope of your green building consulting project is defined, we can handle the bidding process, general contractor selection, and/or the day-to-day construction management of your project. Learn more »
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