Trex Decking

Green Facts

The only foot print you'll leave is the one from the pool.

Feel good about using Trex decking and railing, an industry-wide recycling leader with a legendary green reputation.

  • Proprietary sustainable manufacturing

  • No trees are cut down to make Trex products

  • Largest plastic bag recycler in the U.S.

Sustainable Processes.
We regularly seek out third-party audits to make sure we're continuously improving our green practices while meeting all environmental, health and safety guidelines and regulations.

"Trex saves around 600 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap from landfills every year."

Environmentally Friendly.
All the ingredients we use are being reused and the process to make them is also environmentally responsible. Trex is made from reclaimed plastic and wood - materials that would otherwise go unused in landfills. In fact, useof Trex Decking and Railing systems contributes to a building's enviable LEED points.

Trex and the LEED Green Building Rating System™

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