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The Novus 300, with a capacity of 175 cfm, offers the absolute maximum performance. Rated by the Passive House Institute at 93% efficiency, this model is the most efficient in the world. Features include ECM motors for energy efficiency and ease of balancing, summer by-pass cooling, frost protection mode, and ERV option. Additional options and accessories also available. This model also features automatic flow control on intake and exhaust streams for optimum and easy control of the homes environment. The Novus 300 is a Certified Passive House Component.

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Zehnder Focus 200 Ventilation System

The Focus 200, with a capacity of 125 cfm, offers the absolute maximum efficiency. Rated by the Passive House Institute at 91% efficiency, this model is compact and extremely efficient. Learn more »

Zehnder Comfoair 200 Ventilation System

Designed for excellent efficiency and installation in smaller homes or apartments, the CA 200 can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Learn more »

Zehnder Comfoair 160 Ventilation System

The Zehnder ComfoAir 160 is ideally suited for apartments where it provides balanced ventilation with a constant supply of fresh air. Learn more »

Breakthrough HRV/ERV Technology

All Zehnder HRVs/ERVs are characterized by a high level of heat recovery, quiet, energy-efficient DC-motors, rugged controls and simple operation. The devices can be used for single-unit as well as multi-family homes. Learn more »

Optimal Indoor Air Quality

Zehnder Comfosystems ensure that your home has a healthy atmosphere and continuous fresh filtered air year round. Learn more »

Perfectly Matched System Components

Zehnder comfort ventilation systems are customized by our technically trained team with components that are matched to ensure the best performance. Learn more »
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