Steven Baczek
Steven Baczek Architect is a nationally recognized architecture firm that specializes in the design of custom, durable, energy efficient, residential structures. I designed numerous projects across the spectrum of energy performance, comfort, and durability, to include many of the nation's top energy conscious homes. While many state labels of "green" or "sustainability" to their work, I provide good, sound design, of enduring value to mine. My commitment simply equates aesthetics and durability with performance.

Not What We Sell – But How We Sell It

Not What We Sell – But How We Sell It

While I have gained some education in how we build and renovate our homes, the real education is what I have learned sitting across from my clients for 25 years.

Insights from a high performance builder

Insights from a high performance builder

Welcome to my first blog. My name is Steven Baczek and I am a Registered Architect in the Boston Massachusetts area. I have designed across the spectrum of “Energy Efficient, Comfortable, Healthy, Durable, and Environmentally Responsible” residential design.

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