5 benefits of owning a green home

5 benefits of owning a green home


Numerous studies on the value of green and sustainable homes have been consistent in their findings: They’re good for the environment and the people who reside in them.

Specifically, there are a host of benefits that can reduce costs, reduce use of resources and improve indoor air quality.

The development of high-performance homes around the world is rising sharply, including in countries such as India, which ranked third worldwide in 2017 with more than 20 million gross square meters of LEED-certified space.

As that interest in high-performance strategies continues to build, website ET Realty recently outlined five benefits of owning a green home that are applicable to prospective buyers in any market.

Energy saving

Buyers can get many benefits while living in a green home. Perhaps the most important is in the reduction of operating energy costs from day one and for the entire lifecycle of the residence. Electricity and water bills are mostly higher during summer due to increased consumption. Green homes are constructed in such a way that they receive natural lighting and air without the use of electricity. Solar panels can be incorporated to meet electricity demand which offsets expenses. 

Water saving

Rising pollution and population taxes water sources. In many cities, water is already a scarcity. Water harvesting can save as much as 30-50 percent of water costs. A green home tends to use less water through low-flow plumbing and other conservation strategies.

Enhanced air quality

Homes should be designed for uninterrupted air circulation and with natural air filtration. The use of shades can shield a home from heat. Solar chimneys and exhaust fans also boost indoor air quality.

Natural lighting

Windows provide the biggest source of natural lighting, which limits the need for turning on lights that use energy. So don’t block your windows. Natural paints and light colors help to maximize the natural lighting. 

Healthy lifestyle

It is important to ensure a house has fresh air circulation and is shielded against harmful pollutants. A green home offers healthy lifestyle by keeping natural air indoors and filtering it through plants and solar energy. 


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