5 ways to stay cool, save money this summer

5 ways to stay cool, save money this summer


Today marks the official start of summer, though summerlike heat across much of the country might have had Americans thinking the season started weeks ago.

With warm temperatures settling in – and more heat to come – Georgia Power offers the following tips save money and energy this summer. 

  • Service your HVAC unit – Nearly 20 percent of your monthly energy use may be attributed to cooling your home in the summer. Inefficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can also amount to hundreds of dollars in additional energy costs every year. 
  • Think thermostat – Set manual thermostats to 78 degrees in the summer for peak efficiency and make the most of programmable thermostats, which automatically adjust your temperature settings when you're away or sleeping – a benefit that can save up to $100 a year. 
  • Use fans – A ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting by as much as 4 degrees with no reduction in comfort. During moderately hot weather, ceiling fans may allow you to avoid using your air conditioner altogether. 
  • Clear air vents – To maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home, keep air vents and registers clear of obstructions such as furniture, curtains and rugs. 
  • Plan pool use – Pool pumps can use a significant amount of energy when running constantly. Operate pool pumps the minimum number of hours needed to keep the pool clean and invest in a timer to control hours of operation. Also, consider using a pool cover for additional energy savings.


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