Containers Could Meet Housing Shortage Demands

Containers Could Meet Housing Shortage Demands

Homes made from shipping containers have been a niche market for years, but they could take a large place in the home market.

Atomic Container Homes Inc., a designer, developer and manufacturer of hybrid container home and commercial projects, is expanding its footprint.  The company builds container homes at its factory in El Paso, Texas.

ACHI has has been operating in the government sector for over 10 years and have spent the last four years building up new divisions. ACHI is involved in projects with teaming partners in Louisiana in the LNG fields for housing that will allow for continued growth for the next 10 years. The company is building a $35 million-worker housing project, part of a new sea port that will take 5 years to build at an expected cost of over $6.5 billion. ACHI was chosen by the land owners in Cameron Parish in part for its expertise in building class 5 hurricane proof structures.

The company is also currently working on container home projects through Grainger Industrial for the homeless in Orange County, CA, for the City of Orange, where they are now an approved vendor. ACHI has worked with other homeless programs in the past and they can produce Energy Star  products, quickly and for about half of traditional housing costs. Container projects are also in development in the Dominican Republic, overseas, and across America.

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