Demand for protected lumber soaring as builders seek safer products

Demand for protected lumber soaring as builders seek safer products

Builders looking for products that protect against mold, termites and decay and reduce call backs are starting with the lumber.

Eco Building Products, Inc. is treating dimensional framing lumber and panel products from Bridgewell Resources that will be used in a multi-family housing project.

Eco Building's Augusta, Georgia, facility has received seven truckloads of dimensional framing lumber and panel products from Bridgewell Resources, with an additional seven truckloads scheduled to arrive next week. This lumber will be treated with Eco Red Shield defensive lumber coatings providing unparalleled protection against mold, fire, termites and wood rot decay, prior to being shipped to the Florida-based end user for installation into the multi-family project.

Eco Red Shield protected lumber is showing up as the new American Brand of lumber from coast to coast. Eco Salem is processing lumber for Shelter Products that is heading into Colorado for a multi-family project; Eco Colton is shipping 54 units of defensive lumber into Mexico in support of business with Jacuzzi, with another 203 units staged for production; and Eco New Jersey remains busy with production in support of restocking orders for our Big-Box customer and Northeastern-based modular home manufacturers.

"Is the cat out of the bag about Eco's mold protection on lumber, or is it just the fact that advanced value-added protected lumber is the new norm? For some of the biggest lumber leaders in the industry, it is our belief that mold protection is key, with all other protection playing second fiddle as a value-add. I am confident that the building and lumber industries will soon realize the answers to these questions as the needed protection against mold may be in greater demand than the value added fire and termite protection as it mitigates risk for those peddling lumber," said Steve Conboy, President/CEO, Eco Building Products, Inc. "Could this lumber protection become the norm in the lumber industry one day since the recipe for mold is wet lumber and climate change? Is it possible that if a trader offers this Eco Defensive Coating, and the Buyer rejects the upcharge, the Seller/Trader just mitigated themselves from future mold claims?"

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Photo courtesy of Eco Building Products.

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