Developer converting 25,000 apartments into smart homes

As if the luxury of its apartments wasn’t enough, one of the nation’s largest developers of multifamily properties is adding technological amenities to its buildings.

Alliance Residential Co. has teamed with Dwelo, Google and Nest to launch Alliance SmartHome in its more than 25,000 apartments across the country. The technology capitalizes on thermostat and lighting control, digital home access and voice-enabled controls to offer convenience, connectivity and energy conservation capabilities to occupants. 

The release of Alliance SmartHome comes as the incorporation and use of automation in the single-family homes market has rocketed in recent years.

“Our residents desire that same high-tech home system in an apartment,” Alliance President Jay Hiemenz said in a release.“We created Alliance SmartHome to deliver the features our customers want while addressing the unique challenges of multifamily integration to provide a great customer experience and establish a platform for future enhancements in technology."

The Alliance SmartHome package features the Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Home Mini with Google Assistant built-in, as well as smart locks, light switches and wall outlets. Control of all devices is centralized through Dwelo, an open platform compatible with a wide range of consumer and commercial iOT devices, with convenient access for residents via the Alliance SmartHome app for smartphones.

No timeline for incorporation of the technology and devices was announced.


Topics: Connected Homes / Smart Homes, Lighting

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