Faux Timber Beams Don't Need Onsite Finishing

Faux Timber Beams Don't Need Onsite Finishing

Faux wood beams and trim materials made from a polyurethane and factory finished can save the mess and environmental issues of wood finished on the building site.

FauxWoodBeams.com has developed the new Custom Timber faux beam, manufactured from a higher density polyurethane material than previous products.

The company says it has a more realistic finish and a higher quality and durability for both home and commercial settings. This durability is especially significant for strengthening the joints at mitered ends.

In addition, this new line is a great choice for projects needing a "monster beam." Now available in widths up to 36" x 36" and lengths up to 30', Custom Timber can accommodate big projects without breaking a sweat.

"This is one of our most, if not the most exciting product launch of the year," said Steve Barron, co-founder of FauxWoodBeams. "The beam's material is extra strong to handle the new length options. This wider range of custom sizes is exactly what customers have been requesting."

The beams can be used for any project calling for the look of real exposed wood beams, whether you're looking to add parallel beams to a living room, build a dramatic truss in the dining room, or enhance a kitchen with a single accent beam.

Custom Timber's authentic look comes from a specialized molding process that begins with a real wood beam. High-density polyurethane is poured into that mold and hand-finished to capture every knot, nook and cranny.

The Customer Timber style is also available in the line of fireplace mantels, offering customers yet another way to enrich the look of their home or business with the authentic, rustic charm of Timber. In the near future, these mantels and beams will also be available with the Class A fire rating option.

While builders, interior designers and other industry professionals love these beams and mantels for their realistic looks and budget-friendly price, homeowners appreciate them most for their ease of installation.

"Long, expensive installations needed for real wood beams are a thing of the past," said Barron. "While incredibly durable, the polyurethane material is lightweight. Most homeowners can handle the simple installation process without help from a professional."

Custom Timber Features

  • Higher-density polyurethane material
  • Better quality, more durable joints at the miters
  • More realistic finish
  • Widths available up to 36" x 36", lengths up to 30'
  • Some beams are available in "Quick Ship" and can ship in 3 business days or less
  • Coming soon: Class A fire rating option


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