Fla. residents saving money as part of LEED-platinum community

Fla. residents saving money as part of LEED-platinum community

The Mirabella community in Florida celebrated its 100th LEED platinum-certified home. Photo courtesy of Mirabella

A LEED-certified home typically leads to lower energy costs and higher structural performance.

A hundred homeowners in one Florida community are relishing the benefits of living in some of the most efficient residences available. The homes don’t just simply meet green certification. They all have achieved platinum level, the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest benchmark for energy use, water use and health.

The community of Mirabella, in Bradenton, marked the achievement this week in a ceremony spotlighting the collection of homes designed for people 55 years old and older and broke ground on the 101st home, reports the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Among those celebrating the achievement was Mahesh Ramanujam, the Green Building Council’s president and chief executive.

“Florida is getting greener all the time,” Ramanujam said. “Everybody’s got a different definition of green. But the reality is green is a way of living.”

Developer Marshall Gobuty plans for all 158 homes in Mirabella to be LEED platinum-certified, keeping owners’ energy use in check. For instance, one Mirabella resident monitors his energy consumption via computer all day long. His electric bill reaches barely tops $30 a month. 

Generally speaking, the LEED homes consume nearly 40 percent less energy than a conventional home and save 2,500 gallons of water per person every year.

LEED status is achieved via a points system. Components include special insulation; spray foam in all holes and gaps, including those around power outlets and plumbing; sealed ductwork; moisture barriers; water-resistant flooring; attic air barriers; radiant board in the roof; windows with triple caulking; fire-retardant and termite-treated wood; erosion control, and special paints and glues to prevent breathing and other health problems.

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