Frameless Sliding Glass Wall Designed to Tackle the Weather (Video)

Frameless Sliding Glass Wall Designed to Tackle the Weather (Video)

Keeping the weather outside while maximizing the views from the inside has always been at the heart of every glass wall system.

NanaWall Systems, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, has pushed the envelope even further with the new NanaWall ClimaCLEAR™—the first frameless all-glass individual panel sliding system specifically engineered for transparent weather protection.

Available for both residential and commercial use, ClimaCLEAR utilizes transparent vertical weather seals between the panels that seal the wall against wind-driven rain and reduce air infiltration. When the system is closed, the seals virtually disappear from sight, allowing for maximum transparency with no vertical stiles, providing natural daylight, open views, and a clean modern appearance.

“Whether in a custom home, restaurant, or stadium luxury box, ClimaCLEAR provides unprecedented weather resistance and allows for maximum views and unobstructed sightlines,” said NanaWall CEO Ebrahim Nana. “In moderate climates, ClimaCLEAR creates an indoor/outdoor lifestyle in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. In colder climates, it allows users to extend their enjoyment of outdoor patios, three-season rooms or porches.”

Here are other key features that make ClimaCLEAR unique and weather-resistant: 

Patent-pending Panel Interlocks: Proprietary male/female panel interlocks at the top and bottom rails are designed to help keep the weather out. Panel floor bolts are foot-activated, effectively locking the panel into place without the need to kneel down.

Engineered Water Drainage System: ClimaCLEAR comes standard with a recessed, low-profile saddle sill that provides an engineered water management system. The sill, with adjustable floor sockets, is also ADA compliant.

Horizontal Dual-Sided Brush Seals: All horizontal continuous door rails are equipped with double fin brush seals on both sides, top and bottom, for complete weather protection.

ClimaCLEAR configurations come standard with a single action swing panel and are available in a clear anodized finish with additional brushed, dark bronze and black anodized finishes available to accommodate varying interior designs. 

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