Green-roofed Argentinian home boasts thermally efficient envelope

Green-roofed Argentinian home boasts thermally efficient envelope

Photos courtesy of Inhabitat

A new South American home with thermal efficiency at its core has the feel as if it grew out of the landscape. 

Standing in a clearing in Tortuguitas, Argentina, the timber-clad AA House crafted by Buenos Aires-based IR arquitectura embraces nature with its green roof, inner courtyard and large openings framing the outdoors. Thermal efficiency was a guiding design principle that informed everything from site orientation to material decisions, reports Inhabitat.

Built of locally sourced wood, AA House appears as a cluster of pitched timber boxes framed on each side by forest. The main living areas and bedrooms are laid out linearly on an east-west axis and face north to “guarantee the best solar incidence range,” wrote the architects.

The common areas and greenhouse-like courtyard occupy the heart of the home and separate the master bedroom on the east side from the children’s bedrooms on the west end.

Earth walls finished with clay fill the spaces between wall studs and lend the advantage of high thermal mass by absorbing heat during the day and dissipating it at night. Vertical strips of timber clad the facade with matching vertical timber louvers installed over most of the glazed openings save for the large glazed wall on the north side of the living room that’s shielded by a deep overhang and left open for uninterrupted views.


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