Habitat for Humanity remodels apartment for injured veteran

Habitat for Humanity remodels apartment for injured veteran

When Navy veteran Chad Madden was injured in a sky-diving accident, Habitat for Humanity and The Home Depot Foundation helped remodel his apartment for better accessibility.

For the past two years, Patuxent Habitat for Humanity, located in Southern Maryland, has been awarded through Habitat for Humanity International The Home Depot Foundation Veterans Repair Corps grant.

The Repair Corps program was established by The Home Depot Foundation to provide home repairs for veterans. Some of these repairs include insulation, weather stripping and accessibility features, such as wheelchair ramps and wider doorways. Larger repairs such as roofing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and structural improvements are also available.

Through the affiliate Patuxent Habitat for Humanity Chad Madden, a local Southern Maryland navy veteran, is a recent recipient of the grant.

Madden separated from the US Navy as an avionics technician. During his time with the navy he served in wartime on two carriers – the USS America and USS George Washington. After his military service, Madden became an avid sky diver and completed over 700 jumps.

In 2012, he had a near fatal skydiving accident whereby he sustained life-threatening injuries so severe he is now a quadriplegic. To add to this tragic story, after his accident, his parents left their home in Mountain Home, Idaho to be with their son and while in the hospital their home was completely destroyed by wildfires. They had nothing left with the exception of the clothes they brought with them to the hospital. Madden was hospitalized for over 8 months and returned to his home in California, MD in November 2012 with his parents and brother providing 24/7 round the clock care. Madden also has a home health nurse and physical therapist provided to him from the VA.

Madden's condo was in desperate need of additional space, most critically in his bedroom to accommodate his motorized wheelchair, hospital bed, oxygen tanks, ventilator machine, wet chair, and the incredible amounts of medical supplies to sustain his daily health requirements. His bathroom did not meet any of his disability requirements. He is in need of a wet shower and handicapped sink and accessibility.

Through the generous grant of The Home Depot Foundation and Patuxent Habitat for Humanity’s Gary Sense Memorial Veterans Repair Corps, Patuxent Habitat for Humanity has been approved by Habitat International to complete handicap accessibility renovations for Chad. This renovation is in a condominium, which is the first of its kind in the nation with The Home Depot Foundation grant.

Many long hours of planning and organizing have been put into this project long before the construction begins on May 21st. Coordination with and the direct support of the HOA Board for the Residences of Wildewood Condominiums has enabled this project to move forward.

Architect, Andy Shizak of Blake Creek Design drafted the new design and layout of the space. Brooks Run Builders is the general contractor.

"We are privileged to work on this challenging veteran’s project. We are committed to delivering a safe and accessible home to Chad," said Jim Bacot, owner of Brooks Run Builders, Inc.

Additionally, Patuxent Habitat for Humanity has sought to implement new and advanced technology in order to accommodate his physical limitations and needs.

Also, Patuxent Habitat is the first Habitat affiliate in Maryland to install an ACT D'Mand Kontrol System hot water distribution system controlled by motion sensors. This system will allow Chad to take a hot shower on his own without the assistance of a family member.

The Veterans Administration contracted Speak4Use to install environmental controls to improve Chad’s quality life. Speak4Use is assistive technology merging hardware with voice recognition designed to enable individuals with limited or no ability complete access to environment, entertainment and computer applications using simple voice commands for optimal health and independence.

Finally, Patuxent volunteers and friends of Chad will provide labor and assistance in seeing the total renovation come to completion.

Patuxent Habitat for Humanity is asking the community to help support their veterans projects by donating to this most worthy cause. Funds are desperately needed to help defray the expenses of this extensive project. All donations made to the Veterans Repair program go directly to the veteran community. If you are willing to make a contribution, please donate to the Patuxent Habitat for Humanity's Veterans Repair program. For more information, call Colleen at 301.863.6227 or email at [email protected].

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