Allergies? Use the latest secret to fighting the microorganisms in your home's air

Allergies? Use the latest secret to fighting the microorganisms in your home's air

With growing concern for indoor air quality from those suffering from allergies and asthma, new technology on the market makes it easier to get purified air in your home.

Aerobiotix Inc. introduced its Aero One UV light disinfecting technology to the air purification market. Unlike standard physical air filtration systems, it uses a unique solid reactor system, which combines high-powered ultraviolet light with a solid matrix of UV-transmissible lenses.

This matrix creates turbulence in the airflow, which slows down microorganisms in the air stream, increasing the effective ultraviolet exposure and maximizes their elimination. The ultraviolet light of the reactor damages the DNA of microorganisms, killing them.

This system was originally developed for the health care market by a physician who was concerned about the proliferation of antibiotic resistant organisms in the environment. This technology, termed 3D-UV, has been independently tested by the prestigious Research Triangle Institute has been proven to eliminate virtually all viruses, bacteria and spores within a high-flow air stream.

In addition to the unique reactor system, the unit also includes a two-stage prefilter, including odor-controlling carbon layer, and a true HEPA 99.97 post filter. The prefilter is important for trapping large particles and dust, and the HEPA filter is important for catching the residual particles of microorganisms killed by the reactor. These particles, even though dead and no longer infectious, can still contribute to allergies.

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