Hemp could help grow sustainable home industry

Known for its versatility, hemp – used in everything from clothing to paper – is becoming part of home construction.

An Australian company is using the plant to create panels that make up the thermal envelope of new carbon-negative homes in the country, reports website Domain.

Mirreco plans to build a hemp micro-home to show the benefits of using the plant in housing. A prototype structure is expected to be completed by year’s end.

Mirreco has developed a machine that quickly extracts oils from the plants, which can be used for sustainable plastics, fabrics and other packaging and as CBD oil for medicinal purposes.

Mirreco says the benefits of using hemp as a building product include the fact that it does not require a lot of water, its carbon reducing qualities and its fast growth rate. Hemp also is fire retardant, pest and termite resistant and had significant noise suppressing qualities.









Topics: Building Green, Sustainability Trends & Statistics, Sustainable Communities

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