Hot showers aren't the only cause of foggy bathroom mirrors

Hot showers aren't the only cause of foggy bathroom mirrors

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After a long, hot shower, it's no surprise to step out into a steamy bathroom and see a mirror clouded with condensation. However, many homeowners don't realize that a foggy bathroom mirror is a sign of a bigger issue – poor indoor air quality due to an old or outdated ventilation fan.

Bathroom ventilation fans exhaust steamy air out of the bathroom, ultimately reducing the risk of harmful mold and mildew buildup. In many cases, if a ventilation fan is more than 10 years old or not running properly, the steam creates excess moisture, which is the cause for those foggy bathroom mirrors. While replacing a ventilation fan may seem like a big project, NuTone has made the process easy with the new QuicKit Bath Fan Upgrade Kit.

In just 10 minutes, homeowners can update their current bath fans with QuicKit for more powerful and effective ventilation to help eliminate foggy mirrors, odors and excess moisture.

"Indoor air quality is important for a healthy home, but many homeowners don't realize when their homes are not being properly ventilated, especially in the bathroom. Plus, installing a new bath fan can seem like an intimidating and timely project," said Ann Roever, marketing director, Household Ventilation, for Broan-NuTone. "We created the NuTone QuicKit Bath Fan Upgrade Kit for homeowners who need to replace their current bath fans due to age and decreasing performance, but want a fast and easy solution."

The QuicKit Bath Fan Upgrade Kit includes fan assembly (motor, blower and plate) and an updated grille. Homeowners simply need to snap out the existing motor plate assembly in their current bath fan and snap in the new replacement one in the kit. The sleek, white fan grille allows homeowners to finish their installation with a refreshed bathroom look, all in 10 minutes or less. Because the QuicKit uses the original fan housing, there's also no need to cut drywall, rewire, change duct work or access the attic. And at 60 CFM and 2.5 sones, the QuicKit upgrade is 45 percent more powerful and 35 percent quieter than existing fans, meaning improved indoor air quality and clear mirrors.The NuTone QuicKit Bath Fan Upgrade Kit is available exclusively at The Home Depot and, and retails for $49.97. Homeowners can download the FanFinder app on Apple's App Store or Google Play to find the right upgrade products for their homes.

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