Indian Builder Launches Luxurious Co-living Homes Made of Shipping Containers

Indian Builder Launches Luxurious Co-living Homes Made of Shipping Containers

Photos via Square Plums.

Square Plums , a leading brand of co-living homes and shared accommodations in India, launched a line of luxurious co-living homes made of shipping containers.

Studio homes that offer a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are fully built and furnished in an off-site factory and transported to the site for installation. The construction time for the first prefabricated home took less than one week and the installation at a site in HSR Layout, Bengaluru, was completed in less than 30 minutes.

The prefabricated homes were designed  to withstand the weather conditions in India and meet the living needs and aspirations of the young adults who relocate to the city for job placements. Square Plums is in discussions with leading property developers in the city to make this the preferred model of bringing exclusively built-to-rent homes to the city. The construction time and costs are significantly lower than the traditional in-situ brick and mortar construction due to the use of standardized designs and prefabrication technology. It plans to bring more than 1,000 prefabricated studio homes to the city.

Square Plums was founded in early 2016 by Rajesh Kotta and Hemant Attray, both alumni of BITS Pilani. It has managed to create an aspirational brand of co-living homes that is popular with young executives working at leading MNCs and IT companies. In August last year, it had announced raising an undisclosed amount of funding from Indian Angel Network.

Mr. Rajesh Kotta, founder and CEO of Square Plums remarked, "Lots of people who work at large MNCs and IT companies work out of plush offices but cannot afford to live in quality homes because such homes are available only in large sizes, which make them out of budget for most singles or the housing societies have inherent bias and unwritten rules against singles. Since we launched Square Plums last year, demand has been huge and hundreds of youngsters have moved to live at our branded co-living homes. Supply of quality homes on the other hand was a constraint as the construction time was typically 18-24 months. With our prefabricated, factory-made homes, we are able to bring down the time to market by 90% enabling more and more people to enjoy the quality lifestyle offered by Square Plums homes."

Mr. Hemant Attray, co-founder of Square Plums, commented, "We have researched the prefabricated construction models for several months and visited the homes, hotels, shopping malls, schools and hospitals built globally using shipping containers. We then adapted the design to take care of the unique living needs and aspirations of our customers as well as the weather conditions in India. By using specially designed, multifunctional furniture, we have created studio homes that are compact yet spacious giving an ideal mixture of privacy with amenities. Singles, couples and startup founders, will find these homes ideal for living, working and socializing."

Square Plums, by Urban Stay Technologies Private Limited, is India's leading chain of 'branded' co-living homes with presence in Bangalore and managing hundreds of properties. Square Plums makes it easy for singles to rent fully furnished homes in prime locations. All Square Plums homes are curated, designed and furnished with a focus on meeting the unique requirements of singles. For houseowners, Square Plums offers the benefit of letting out a fully furnished house, with up to 50% higher rentals, without having to spend on furnishing the house.

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