Infographic: 6 troubling facts about home indoor air

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than seven million people annually across the globe die because of exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution. 

Of those premature deaths, 3.8 million are caused by exposure to indoor air pollution.

The ventilation industry, Panasonic officials say, has an obligation to consider home health and indoor air quality (IAQ) as primary drivers in any home ventilation plan. 

While exterior pollutants such as smog and carbon monoxide may receive more attention, IAQ within a home can have serious effects on physical and mental health as well. In fact, your home could actually be making you sick, leaving builders and manufacturers vulnerable to damaging and costly reputational harm and possible litigation. 

The infographic below from Panasonic highlights some common, unresolved issues that lead to IAQ problems and "sick homes."

Topics: Healthy Homes, Heating & Cooling, Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation

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