Knowledge-Sharing Platform Makes Tiny Home Expertise Available to the Public

Knowledge-Sharing Platform Makes Tiny Home Expertise Available to the Public

For homeowners and builders taken with the Tiny House approach, The American Tiny House Association (ATHA) launched the Tiny House Expert Community Online and Buyers Guide (ECO), a comprehensive knowledge-sharing platform and industry directory providing the public with access to leading tiny house experts and suppliers to the industry.

ATHA professionals and designated experts are showcased alongside tiny house vendors and suppliers online. Experts are available in a variety of free community forums or, using the ECO’s InCall feature, via paid one-on-one phone consultations at a rate set by each expert. The ECO Buyers’ Guide provides a listing of industry suppliers for industry professionals, enthusiasts, or anyone intending to build or buy a tiny home.

“Interest is exploding for tiny houses as people look to simplify, downsize, or find an affordable way to achieve the American dream of home ownership,” said Chris Galusha, President of ATHA. “However, many people struggle with how to get started while DIY builders may get stuck on a specific building problem or on issues related to zoning and regulation. We expect the Tiny House ECO will become a reliable resource that people can turn to for guidance, expertise, and community.”

While the exact definition of a “tiny house” may vary, it usually refers to a home between 100 and 400 square feet in living space. The emerging tiny house movement goes against the trend of more than a half-century of ballooning in the size of American homes. In 1950, the average living space for a newly built American single-family home was 983 square feet. By 1973 it increased to 1,625 square feet and by 2015 it reached an all-time high of 2,687 square feet.

ECO professionals will be able to designate their expertise in any of the key subject matter categories including: Appliances, Bathrooms, Build-vs-Buy, Building Materials, Construction, Design, Financing, Green Issues, Home Builders, Inspection & Certification, Insurance, Kitchens, Land Development, Off-Grid Issues, Planning & Zoning, Trailers (Mobile Foundations), and Utilities. Vendors to the industry can showcase their companies or products in the ECO’s online Buyers Guide.

“Tiny houses are captivating the imagination and interest of the millennial generation and boomer generation alike,” stated Brian Christie, CEO of Brainsy, the ECO platform provider. “And as people seek out sustainable ways for low impact living, they need practical advice on how to re-orient and live tiny. We’re honored that the American Tiny House Association has selected Brainsy to power this important knowledge sharing network.”

The Tiny House ECO operates with the generous support of companies like Daystar Tiny Homes, Nature’s Head, NOAH Certified, Parvus House, Texas Eco Builders, Vermont Natural Coatings, and Volstrukt.

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