Leviton offers home lighting tips for Home Safety Month

As part of Home Safety Month in June, Leviton is conducting an awareness and education campaign to assist homeowners in identifying areas within the home that can benefit from extra illumination, and recommending solutions to address those needs without using unnecessary energy in the home.

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional home injuries and deaths, accounting for an average of 5.1 million injuries and nearly 6,000 deaths each year. The Leviton campaign highlights the importance proper lighting plays in home safety with tips including:

  • Choose illuminated switches. Since the face glows, it is easier to locate the light switch in a dark room or hallway.
  • Install wall switches with occupancy sensors and guide lights, which provide a level of safety with the lights automatically turning on when motion is detected.
  • Use programmable timers as a convenient and cost-effective way to control both indoor and outdoor lighting activity. A well-lit home offers added safety to occupants and visitors.

"Leviton supports the Home Safety Council in its efforts to educate and motivate families to take actions that will increase the safety of their homes during Home Safety Month and throughout the entire year," said Jay Sherman, director of marketing, residential products, in a press release. "At Leviton, we take pride in developing residential products that are efficient in keeping a home safe, without sacrificing innovation, functionality and style."

Leviton's residential line of GFCI receptacles, tamper-resistant receptacles and cameras are designed to help protect people and their belongings. Leviton's compact fluorescent lampholders include options which automatically sense movement and turn lights on, and then the lights automatically turn off after three minutes of inactivity. Leviton's compact fluorescent lampholders are Energy Star-rated and ideal for use in closets, storage areas, attics and basements.

For more information, see our Energy Efficient Lighting Research Center.

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