Low Capacity Furnaces Aimed at High Performance Homes

Low Capacity Furnaces Aimed at High Performance Homes

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To serve the high performance home market, as well as the multifamily unit market, Bryant recently introduced low-capacity condensing furnaces.

Bryant added models to its Preferred and Legacy families that are perfectly sized for the multi-family housing and the low-energy new home construction markets. As housing becomes smaller and more energy efficient, Bryant is answering the call with these furnaces.

Just 14.2 inches wide, each unit is sized to fit most multi-family applications and can be easily transported and maneuvered. Plus, the low profile of these units allows contractors to stock more so there are always plenty on hand.

Each unit has an input heating BTU/h of 26,000. This input rating allows the furnaces to run longer and increases the comfort level in smaller living spaces by keeping even temperatures longer. The lower input BTU/h is also perfect for homes that have lower design heat requirements. These furnaces offer increased installation flexibility with up to 200-foot vent lengths using a 2-inch pipe.

The Preferred models features a 95.5 percent AFUE and support two and a half tons of nominal cooling airflow. The Legacy models also feature a 95.5 percent AFUE and support up to two tons of nominal cooling airflow.

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