Maintenance key to getting most of AC units

Maintenance key to getting most of AC units

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As many of us get ready to crank the air conditioning, some will wonder if their units will hold up for another summer.

While it is easy to push off booking a service appointment, it is a risk best avoided, suggests Penguin Air Conditioning

Left unattended, minor problems sometimes later result in bigger repair costs. Repairs, if needed, are not only inconvenient but can be costly, too. Some reports estimate a national average emergency call out charge at more than $300. 

Why a well-maintained unit is a smart move

Not only does annual maintenance reduce the risk of high repair bills, it also offers improved comfort and more efficiency. That means you’re getting better results for less energy. 

Regular maintenance will prolong the life of a unit and give you long-term peace of mind that you are getting the most from that unit. 

Do the homework in selecting the right maintenance company

Ensure a provider has relevant experience. Look for certification appropriate to your local area, as many states now require that HVAC professionals are properly qualified and insured before they are licensed. Licenses mean that the contractors are fully trained and are EPA compliant

Compliance with legislation is important for householders wishing to remain compliant with their home insurance terms. As well as checking for certification, homeowners should look for references or testimonials from previous satisfied customers. It is recommended that they also compare service contracts, qualifications and experience levels from at least three service providers in their area.

Follow the basics – fix common problems for best results

Keep the unit clean, dust-free and filters clear from obvious debris. Check drains from the unit to ensure they are working and are unobstructed. Outside, where possible, check for shrubbery or other outside obstacles that might hinder airflow. Units should be well sealed and look for leaks, unpleasant smells or unexpected behavior like the unit switching on and off repeatedly. A technician can offer recommendations for simple checks specific to your cooling system.

It is also recommended that thermostats and timers be adjusted to usage needs throughout the changing seasons.

Schedule regular appointments

Most HVAC contractors will offer a maintenance plan with a comprehensive itemized checklist that each service will include. Maintenance plans can also include insurance against equipment failure covering the cost of replacement parts and/or guaranteed price ceilings and favorable rates in case of emergency AC repair. These packages offer a manageable and predictable approach to regularly scheduled and affordable maintenance plans. 

Predictable maintenance costs

An efficient cooling system and predictable payment plan for maintenances costs are the easiest way to avoid expensive repairs.

Performing simple routine checks and inspecting for common problems is advised. It is also recommended that air conditioning be properly maintained. Regular maintenance by a qualified technician will help ensure better long-term efficiency, lower utility bills and fewer AC repairs over the unit’s lifetime.

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