Mini-split HVAC systems offer flexibility

  Mini-split HVAC systems offer flexibility

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are ideal options for homeowners looking for both a heating and cooling capable unit, but for whom a central AC system is not an option due to the infrastructure of the home or the price of installation.

For homebuilders and homeowners, there are a variety of ductless mini-split systems to fit the needs of virtually any home, including: single zone systems (both cooling only and cooling with heat pump models) and dual zone systems, and multiple-zone systems such as 4-zone and 5-zone systems. Multi-zone units currently offered are available in varying BTU ratings and feature cooling and heating capabilities all in one system.

Panasonic offers an array of ductless mini-splits, including two high-efficiency units that boast up to a 28.5 SEER rating, the highest efficiency rating in its class. Panasonic also offers several low-ambient units that are capable of performing at such low temperatures that they can be used as the primary heating source in any room.

Unlike other mini-split systems that generally offer refrigerant piping length runs of only up to 50 feet in length, Panasonic has equipped a selection of their units for use, with extra-long line runs that extend up to over a hundred feet per indoor unit and a total length of 230 feet.

The special ECONAVI Human Detection Technology is arguably the most innovative feature of all, working to automatically adjust the temperature of the room based on the amount of movement detected within a given space.

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