New App Guides Builders to Choose the Right Insulation

New App Guides Builders to Choose the Right Insulation

Building a house or undertaking a major home remodel can be a very overwhelming process for homeowners, with many looking to builders and contractors for advice and guidance. Luckily, professionals can now easily help homeowners through the process of choosing insulation, thanks to a new mobile-friendly, web-based tool from CertainTeed. By answering a few simple questions, homeowners can find and choose the best insulation systems for every area of their home.

“Too many insulation choices can be mind-boggling, especially for a homeowner who is undertaking a major remodeling project or building a new house,” said Greg Silvestri, president of CertainTeed Insulation. “We created the Insulation Selector Tool to help our contractor and builder partners explain early in the decision-making process that what’s behind the wall matters. Upgrading insulation later is difficult, disruptive and expensive, but now with just a few clicks, homeowners can achieve a comfortable, healthy living environment that provides utility savings and investment protection in the long run.”

Found at, the Insulation Selector Tool works by recommending a personalized selection of insulation solutions based climate data, budget and the homeowner’s specific needs for their home and family. The tool considers a wide range of variables that impact comfort, including energy efficiency, indoor air quality, moisture management and noise control. Each question within the tool includes a quick tip, allowing homeowners to learn more about each consideration involved in choosing the right insulation along the way.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, homeowners receive a personalized page of results detailing the specific insulation solutions that are recommended for them, sorted by application area (side walls, interior walls, attics and basements). Results can be quickly and easily shared with their builder or contractor via email.

Builders can request a customized version of the Insulation Selector Tool from CertainTeed if interested by sending an email to [email protected] Each customized version of the tool includes builder branding and a unique URL, recommending only result options specific to the builder’s inventory of insulation solutions. The customized tool serves as a useful sales guide in the showroom, or can be utilized by the homeowner to complete offsite when convenient.

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