New Bidet Toilet Seat Designed to Appeal To Budget Consumer Market

New Bidet Toilet Seat Designed to Appeal To Budget Consumer Market

Bidet use nationally is starting to gain more acceptance, and there is a large base of consumers that have a casual interest in bidets or have heard positive things about them but for any number of reasons, many haven't made the jump to actually installing one in their home.

The new Alpha ONE non-electric bidet seat from is fills a void in the bidet market that exists between the cheap, flimsy units and the large expensive products that consumers had to choose from.

With an ultra slim design, the Alpha ONE looks like any normal toilet seat, but this new invention sports impressive and effective bidet cleansing functionality built-in.  

Most non-electric bidet attachments on the market are either big bulky seats or are fitted underneath the rear of the toilet seat. While they are functional their appearance leaves a lot to be desired.

At just 2.5 inches tall in the rear, the Alpha ONE is the most discrete bidet seat currently in production. It can be installed in just 10 minutes, requires no electricity and features a simple one lever control system.

The Alpha ONE bidet replaces an existing toilet seat and will fit on almost any residential elongated toilet. The Alpha ONE bidet seat is rated to withstand 300 lbs and even has a sturdy, sittable lid and both the seat and lid are slow closing to prevent slams.

"At we talk to consumers every day about what they actually want in a bidet seat," says Founder & CEO James Lin. "There's a huge gap in the market between small plastic bidet attachments and full on electronic/luxury bidet seats. We made the Alpha ONE to fill that gap and allow a broader audience to experience the benefits of bidet use in an aesthetically pleasing design."

The Alpha ONE sells for $99 and is available online at

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