New Insulation Blowing Agents Meet Environmental Requirements

New Insulation Blowing Agents Meet Environmental Requirements

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As formulators and manufacturers have an increased need to move towards more energy efficient solutions, Dow Polyurethanes offers a wide range of customizable blowing agent capabilities.

A blowing agent helps produce a cellular structure via a foaming process in materials that undergo hardening, such as spray foam insulation. Blowing agents are a key component in spray foam insulation formulations, and were at one time contributors to global warming.

Manufacturers have responded to regulations calling for blowing agents with lower environmental impact

Dow now offers blowing agents that include hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology, which may lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) by up to 99.9 percent.

One application of HFOs was discussed in Dow’s latest ComfortScience announcement on its SNAP Compliant Integral Skins. Dow technology innovation combined with its global network of scientists can help formulators find the right energy efficient solution for them.

Dow Polyurethanes, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, provides a wide range of blowing agent capabilities compliant with the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP), to deliver customizable energy efficient solutions to the North American market.

“We have a long history of leveraging our formulating expertise to develop best-in-class solutions for our customers,” said Robert York, market manager for Dow Polyurethanes. “Now with our breadth of blowing agent capabilities and our global network of scientists, we can optimize our solutions for any customer application need - whether that be low GWP, improved performance or cost-effectiveness.”

A sample of Dow’s blowing agent technology options include:

  • HFO: the newest blowing agent technology, designed specifically for low GWP and highest possible performance.
  • Pentane: a cost-effective but flammable solution used commonly today in roofing insulation, appliances and more. There are three primary grades available, which include cyclo-, iso- and n- pentane.
  • Water: a lower cost, rapidly renewable blowing agent providing a unique combination of performance attributes that provides an effective option for less demanding insulation applications.

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