New Supply Fan Manages Indoor Air Flow

It's a common misconception that opening a window means fresh air will flow into your home.

In many cases it's just the opposite, because the moment a window is opened, dust, allergens, and other air-borne particulates enter the home and settle on every surface, leading to allergies and irritation. Broan, a leading manufacturer of indoor air quality solutions that keep kitchens cleaner, bathrooms fresher, and the whole house healthier, came up with a solution. Broan introduced Fresh In, a new supply fan for ventilation.

Fresh In is uniquely designed to be both effective and convenient. Simply set it to the desired mode, then let the fan do the rest of the work. It brings fresh air in from the outside — but only when it makes sense to do so. The fan's technology continually monitors the outdoor temperature and humidity levels from the last 48 hours and estimates the best time of day to run the fan. Fresh In features an ultra-efficient, variable-speed motor that allows the fan to deliver constant airflow without losing efficiency.

"Broan is proud to be a leader in residential indoor air quality," said Lauren Weigel, Global Category Director of Household Ventilation. "Our products are designed to help our customers live healthier lives, and the new Fresh In supply fan does just that."

The new Fresh In supply fan comes in both basic and premium. While both offer constant airflow and easy maintenance in a code-compliant manner, the premium version has five preset comfort modes, which allow homeowners to truly customize the fan to fit their needs.

Designed to fit anywhere in the home, the Fresh In will be just as effective installed in the basement as it is in the attic. Fresh In can easily be installed between ceiling joists, and, with its flush-to-ceiling mount design using Broan's decorative finish ring, filters can be replaced in less than 30 seconds.

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