New WhisperGreen Select ventilation fan debuts at IBS 2014

A highly customizable ventilation fan gives homebuilders and contractors new options to ensure good indoor air quality.

Panasonic Eco Products Division introduced the new WhisperGreen Select at the 2014 International Builders’ Show is the ideal all-purpose IAQ solution. WhisperGreen Select features two groundbreaking technologies: “Pick-A-Flow” and “Plug and Play”, allowing builders and contractors to customize the vent fan for a variety of applications.

The Pick-A-Flow speed selector is available via two base models – 50-80-110 CFM or 110-130-150 CFM, and the required air flow can be achieved with just the flip of a switch. Four unique Plug ‘N Play modules allow for further customization, providing the ability to choose from multiple features such as:

  • Multi-speed operation, which allows the proper CFM setting to be selected to satisfy ASHRAE 62.2 continuous ventilation requirements.
  • Motion sensor, which activates the fan when it senses a person and automatically returns to the pre-set lower speed when the occupant leaves the room. Once the module is inserted, the fan becomes truly automatic, making it the lowest installed cost solution for meeting ASHRAE 62.2 whole house continuous and spot ventilation. This sensor is also ideal for people with disabilities and assisted living environments such as nursing homes and retirement communities.
  • Condensation sensor, which helps control bathroom condensation to prevent mold and mildew. The advanced sensor technology detects relative humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point, automatically turning the fan on to control humidity.  When the condensation sensor is used in conjunction with multi-speed functionality, the fan will kick up to high speed when the condensation sensor detects moisture in the room.
  • NiteGlo™ LED night light, which utilizes a specialized photocell feature that automatically turns on the 1W LED night light when darkness is sensed in the room.  Hi/Low brightness switch enables users to fine tune the photo cell to work in conjunction with the darkness level of the bathroom.  This module also activates an automatic 20 minute delay off timer for the fan.

WhisperGreen Select’s Flex-Z Fast installation system offers builders and remodelers quick and easy installation. As with all fans in the premium line up, WhisperGreen Select can be used to comply with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, CalGreen and ENERGY STAR for Homes 3.0. WhisperGreen Select can also be combined with Panasonic’s new EcoVent ventilation fan for the ultimate performance package. 

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Topics: Bathroom, Indoor Air Quality, Kitchen, Ventilation

Companies: Panasonic High Performance Ventilation Solutions

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