Passive House modeling tool available for USA market

The Passive House Planning Package energy modeling software version has been released for the American market in local inch pound units.

The conversion of the PHPP to US units for American designers and builders is a joint project by the developer of the international building standard: The Passivhaus Institut of Darmstadt Germany, and by The Small Planet Workshop of Washington State.

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is the key design tool used when planning a Passive House. It serves as the basis of verification for the Passive House Standard. While there are other design tools on the market, it is the PHPP’s high level of accuracy that sets it apart: energy balances can be calculated with the PHPP to an accuracy of +/- 0.5kWh.

The U.S.-market version conversion makes it easier to interface with US building-energy industry standards. The deisgnPH sketchup plugin now allows preliminary energy modeling within sketchup, that can then be imported into the PHPP-IP for further detailed analysis.

The conversion of the PHPP was performed by Portland Oregon Architect, Dylan Lamar of Green Hammer. This 2014 version replaces the only other IP version created in 2007 (also by Lamar).

“I’m happy to have been able to help make this conversion available” says Small Planet Workshop President, Albert Rooks. “We all know that the PHPP is the most accurate tool available today to create a Passive House. However, it’s been too difficult for Americans who are typically unused to working in metric values to design their projects with the existing tool. That had to change”.

Rooks and Lamar were able to reach an agreement with PHI management Dr. Wolfgang Feist and Dr. Witta Ebel to create the conversion last year. The conversion process has been under way for the last 4 months. The final stages of the project have been beta testing and creating plugin tools to interface the IP-PHPP with PHI’s new Design PH Sketch Up 3D modeling tool. “Now we can build a sketch up model and import it into the PHPP in our own measurements” says Rooks.

The Small Planet Workshop has created a new website devoted to the software. The software, called IP-PHPP 2013 V 8.5, is available for $315. It also can be purchased through 475 High Performance Building Supply.

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