Pumps solve home water pressure problems

For too many U.S. homeowners, water-related tasks becomes a juggling act. Because their home's water pressure is too low, Mom can't shower if Dad is doing the dishes, and the kids can't take a bath if the washing machine is running.  But meeting a family's water needs doesn't have to involve scheduling times to tap into the water supply. With the DAB® Pumps'  line of pumps, busy families can get the pressure they need to handle multiple water-related tasks simultaneously.

DAB's General Manager Antonio Filippi said, "Using DAB water pumps, plumbers, contractors, or those responsible for installing or repairing home water systems can solve one of homeowners' most annoying problems: getting sufficient water pressure to all parts of a home at all times."

DAB's new U.S. product line offers a variety of solutions to fit every home's needs while integrating cutting edge technology, quiet operation, Italian design aesthetic and focus on usability:

  • E.SyBox & E.SyBox Mini: DAB's patented, variable-speed water pressurization system is designed for domestic, light commercial and irrigation use. The E.SyBox draws only the energy necessary to meet a home's water requirements at any given time, conserving water and saving on energy and water bills.
  • Evosta: This new, high-efficiency water circulator is designed for circulating hot water through a home's heating system. Featuring advanced technology including a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a frequency converter, Evosta circulators operate at high efficiency to yield noticeable energy savings. The Evosta circulator automatically detects changes in system demand and adjusts its performance accordingly.
  • E. Swim: Designed for pool owners, E.Swim is an electronic, high-efficiency swimming pool pump. With its eight programmable settings and choice of modes— variable speed or variable flow function —E.Swim is an excellent solution for pool owners who want to keep their pools sparkling while dramatically reducing their energy consumption.

DAB Pumps has been providing advanced solutions to water management challenges throughout Europe, China, and Australia for over 40 years and have recently entered the U.S. market.

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