Shower System Is Also a Water Filter

Shower System Is Also a Water Filter

Everyone knows that they shouldn't drink contaminated water, but what about bathing in it?

For some contaminants like chlorine, contact through the skin can lead to ill health effects.

That why Pelican Water Systems developed its latest comprehensive water filtration system that's a stylish and efficient shower filter that lasts 50% longer than the competition.

With a sleek, all-chrome finish designed with the modern home in mind, the chrome shower filter complements the existing décor of any bathroom.

With this powerful shower filter you can provide your family with clean, rejuvenating water for every shower while transforming your showerhead into an integral part of your interior design and color scheme. Chrome allows you to stay ahead of the trends with a timeless and sophisticated look.

The patented chrome design maintains optimal shower pressure, and the scent bar incorporates relaxing aromatherapy into every shower. The filter itself reduces unpleasant odors from your water to deliver a spa-like experience during each use.

Protect your family from the long-term damaging effects of unwanted chemicals, including chlorine. The chrome shower filter removes these contaminants to soften your skin and hair, reduce skin dryness and flakiness, and limit the fading of color-treated hair.

Installation is a breeze, and the Quick Connect feature makes switching out replacement filters simple and straightforward. Pelican Water’s new shower filter system boasts a filter that lasts for 15,000 gallons, which is the equivalent of 750 ten-minute showers.

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