Solar skylight lets the sun in and hot air out (Video)

Solar skylight lets the sun in and hot air out (Video)

Skylights can be a great way to let sunshine into your house and releasing hot stuffy air without running the air conditioner. However, depending on the house it can be difficult to open or to run wiring for a remote opener. 

The Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight from Velux can take care of those problems. With a built-in solar panel, the Fresh Air Skylight eliminates the need for any wiring or electrical and provides an energy-efficient way to add daylight, fresh air and a cooling function to homes with a simple hassle-free installation.

The solar skylight can be installed facing any direction and is fully operational even in indirect light. An acoustic rain sensor system automatically closes the skylight in case of inclement weather and with no electricity required the skylight can be closed even in the event of a complete lack of power.

The solar panel charges a battery that powers the motor that opens and closes the skylight on command via a wireless remote. Using that remote, users can also program the window to open and close on a pre-determined schedule.

Watch the skylight in action:

Homeowners can block the heat of the mid-day sun with optional factory-installed blinds. These can also be controlled with the remote.

Benefits of an opening skylight include:

  • Increases the amount of fresh air and daylight in homes and offices with skylights:
  • Improves air quality - pulling in fresh, drier, oxygen-rich air improves health and comfort
  • Reduces electricity needs for air conditioning and electric lights

Brings in twice the daylight of a vertical window without compromising privacy

The Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight is available in a variety of sizes and glazing options, with prices ranging from approximately $1,015 to $1,915.

Some fixed skylights meet energy standards of high-performance windows.

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