Survey says homeowners are looking for healthier homes

A majority of Americans say having a healthy home is important to them (98 percent), and define such a space as one that has a calming atmosphere (91 percent), is energy efficient (93 percent) and is filled with natural light (92 percent) and fresh air (96 percent), according to a recent online survey among homeowners conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of VELUX skylights.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents say they spend more than two thirds of their time indoors over the course of a typical week. One in 5 respondents say they spend between 81 percent and 90 percent of their time inside (21 percent).

“When you stop to think about how much time we spend indoors, it paints a stark picture of how important a healthy indoor climate is to our well-being,” said Ross Vandermark, national product manager with VELUX skylights. “When remodeling a home, sunlight and fresh air should be considered key components to improving indoor air quality, as well as boosting occupants’ moods.”

Survey respondents prioritize a healthy home for a variety of reasons: Sixty-two percent say it’s because they know and recognize the benefits; fifty-eight percent say a healthy home enhances their mood; and forty-two percent cite pets as the reason. One in 5 respondents mention the need to manage their own (24 percent) or a family member’s (20 percent) chronic illness as reasons for why a healthy home is important to them.

Roughly 9 in 10 respondents agree that their home’s interior air quality is important to them (92 percent)—including a majority (52 percent) who strongly agree. In fact, 87 percent indicate that they make the most of spring and fall days by opening up their home to let in the fresh air.

A majority of American homeowners want to be able to do certain things when inside the comforts of their own home that relate to their definition of a healthy home, including more than 9 in 10 who say that they want access to natural light (94 percent), be able to enjoy fresh air (93 percent), and be able to view natural spaces outside (91 percent).

“We know that there’s so much more to creating a home that’s healthful to both body and mind,” Vandermark said. “Building trade pros, from remodelers and builders to roofers and interior designers, should take a holistic approach to healthy home design that includes clean, fresh air and substantial natural light combined with an ambiance that promotes a positive mindset.”

In addition to natural lighting, respondents are almost just as likely to say that when they are inside their home they want to be able to let the interior and exterior air circulate regularly (88 percent) and feel air movement on temperate days (86 percent). Two thirds of Americans also agree that they want to be able to enjoy a sky view (67 percent) when inside their home.

At least half of those surveyed show interest in different types of systems that help attain a healthy home if money was not an issue. Roughly two thirds (65 percent) say that they would be interested in having smart skylights that can be opened to let fresh air in and vent out stale/bad air. About the same number (67 percent) show interest in dehumidifiers.

Eight in 10 homeowners in the U.S. say that they would be very/somewhat interested in installing a series of ventilation systems in both the bedroom and bathroom (80 percent) as well as air purifiers or filters (79 percent) for their home if money was not an object.

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