What's it really like living in a Passive House? (video)

What's it really like living in a Passive House? (video)

High-performance homes usually make headlines when construction starts. But we don’t very often hear about what its like to live in a home a day-to-day basis. A new video changes that.

Portland high performance new home builder Hammer & Handtalked with thehomeowners of the newly finished Pumpkin Ridge Passive House, Stephanie & Bryan Farris, sharing what it’s like to live in their new home.

Designed by Rick Berry of Scott | Edwards Architecture and built by Hammer & Hand, the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House combines a physics-based building science approach with elegant design, resulting in superb comfort and air quality.

"As Stephanie and I continued to research new home construction, we had a binder of all of the things we wanted and how we wanted things to look," said homeowner Bryan Farris. "We knew it wasn’t about expensive finishes and furnishings and all of the things that don’t make the house function right."

Because Bryan and Stephanie wanted a house that was modern and comfortable, but also environmentally conscientious and within their budget, Passive House construction made a lot of sense for them.

"One of the neatest things about the Pumpkin Ridge project, right from the beginning, was that the clients were aware of what a Passive House was," said owner of Hammer & and and President of Passive House Alliance US (PHAUS), Sam Hagerman. "They understood more than most folks about how meaningful a change it is and what a paradigm shift Passive House is for new home construction."

The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House is one of six homes in the Pacific Northwest to be featured by Northwest ENERGY STAR as a demonstration super-efficient home and is no more expensive to own on a monthly basis than a conventional custom home (taking into account monthly energy costs, mortgage, taxes, and insurance). Yet, the high performance green building consumes 90 percent less heating energy and offers exceptional comfort and indoor air quality.

Read more about Passive House.

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