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Other builders might say they are high performance, but Mantell-Hecathorn Builders of Durango, Colorado, can point to the third-party verification required by the U.S. Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home program to prove that they meet a higher level of building performance. Mantell-Hecathorn, a long-time ENERGY STAR builder, committed to building all of its homes to the requirements of the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program in 2014 and has since certified five homes through the program, including this 1,559-ft² custom home in McElmo Canyon, in Cortez, Colorado, that was selected by DOE as a 2016 Housing Innovation Award winner.

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Project Data:

  • Name:McElmo Canyon Custom
  • Location: Cortez, CO
  • Layout: 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 1 fl, 1,559 ft2
  • Climate Zone: IECC 5B, cold
  • Completion: May 2015
  • Category: Custom for buyer

Modeled Performance Data:

  •  HERS Index: without PV 45, with PV -13
  • Projected Annual Energy Costs: without PV $1,252, with PV -$101
  • Projected Annual Energy Cost Savings (vs home built to 2006 IECC): without PV $1,219, with PV $2,572
  • Projected Annual Energy Savings: without PV 11,080 kWh, with PV 23,380 kWh
  • Added Construction Cost: without PV $1,186, with PV $11,562

The images and information in this gallery were provided by the U.S. Department of Energy. See more great green homes like this one at the DOE Tour of Zero.

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Companies: U.S. Department of Energy

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