See how new luxury town homes beat Utah's tough energy code

Utah has recently adopted strict energy conservation codes, joining a national trend that is driving the use of innovative building envelope systems.

The Residences at Blackstone, a recently completed luxury multi-family project in Park City, Utah, is an example of how the state’s desire to improve energy efficiency in homes has resulted in the use of new products that improve building performance. 

The Residences at Blackstone, which broke ground in September 2017,  is one of the first projects completed under Utah’s latest energy conservation codes—codes that focus on increased energy efficiency in the building envelope and that now require a layer of exterior insulation.

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The designers of The Residences at Blackstone also knew that their clients would require products that were environmentally responsible and sustainable. To meet these wide-ranging demands, the Blackstone team chose Atlas EnergyShield PanelCast insulation for use in the concrete floor slabs and EnergyShield CGF Pro for the exterior wall assembly.

Innovative insulation

Atlas EnergyShield products are rigid polyiso foam insulations and offer a high R-value per inch, making them a cost-effective option for many applications. Long the choice for commercial roof applications, polyiso is becoming increasingly popular to insulate the remainder of the building envelope as well.  The EnergyShield line offers multiple products, each with important properties that appeal to designers and installers.

EnergyShield PanelCast is designed specifically for the cast concrete market. EnergyShield PanelCast’s alkali-resistant coated glass facers stand up to harsh casting and foot traffic, and its textured surface provides a good bond to the concrete. With a 25-psi core, EnergyShield PanelCast has no problem standing up to heavy concrete pours or job site abuse.

The Residences at Blackstone took advantage of these properties by using EnergyShield PanelCast in the floor slabs under the residential areas, insulating them from the harsh winter cold prevalent at the base of the Utah Canyons.

In the wall assembly, Atlas EnergyShield CGF Pro was the best choice to meet the new continuous exterior insulation requirement. With the highest available R-value per inch—20 percent higher than XPS and 50 percent higher than mineral wool— EnergyShield CGF Pro gave the architect more design flexibility, while its coated glass facers provided job site durability as well as an integrated weather and air barrier.

“Initially we chose Atlas because of the high R-value and the ability to use the products in different applications,” said Byron Nelson, owner of Nelson Insulation, the company that installed all of the Atlas EnergyShield products on the project. “With the cold-weather geography demands of this particular build, we needed a product that was truly exceptional, and it became apparent that Atlas EnergyShield polyiso products were the best choice for us. We are also continuously impressed with the technical knowledge of our Atlas team."

EnergyShield CGF Pro also meets the code’s demanding NFPA 285 fire performance requirement and can be used in a nearly limitless number of wall assembly types.

Healthy living

The new occupants of the Residences at Blackstone can also be comfortable in their new homes knowing that they are surrounded by products that meet one of the world’s most rigorous standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor environments -- the GreenGuard Gold standard.  GreenGuard Gold Certified products aid in the creation of healthier indoor environments by placing strict limits on VOC emissions. EnergyShield products also have zero Ozone Depletion Potential and negligible Global Warming Potential – making EnergyShield a sustainable solution and decreasing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Read more about high-performance home insulation.

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