Two High Performance Homes Rise in Seattle Infill Neighborhood

In one of Seattle’s oldest and most eclectic neighborhoods, Georgetown, two high-performance homes blend right in.

Dwell Development sited the homes within a few blocks of the vibrant retail and dining district so the two new industrial-modern style homes are just steps away from a popular area of artists, artisans, and manufacturers.

Each home is 2,500 square feet and features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, convenient alley access to a 2-car garage, and a free-flowing floor plan that maximizes square footage and natural light. The high-performance homes come equipped with an integrated package of energy-efficient features including 12-inch thick walls for exceptional protection from the elements, solar ready rooftop configurations, electric vehicle charging units, advanced framing packages, and high-performance windows.

As part of Dwell Development’s mission for 2017, the homes are targeting 5-star Built Green certification and net zero, which are the highest levels of green building certification a new home can achieve in Washington State.

Certification will be accomplished through Dwell Development’s signature blend of high performance building techniques including an airtight building envelope, advanced structural framing, super thick insulation, triple glazed windows, superior indoor air quality (using a heat recovery ventilation system), solar-ready rooftop configuration and an EnviroDri exterior barrier system to protect the home from the region’s wet weather.

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