ACT, Inc.’s Press Release: Recent Completions of Two September Contracts

Costa Mesa, CA— Located and manufactured in Southern California, international business ACT Inc. D’MAND® Systems announced earlier this week that their National Builders Program (NBP) signed and finalized two contracts with both the Tri Pointe Group and Meritage Homes in mutual effort to promote water and energy efficiency to a national practice.

Over the next couple of months, Tri Pointe and Meritage homes are expected to incorporate ACT, Inc.’s On-Demand electronic pump systems into new homes.

The excitement surrounding these prospective installations lies within the significant water and energy savings of just one D’MAND system; the promise of hundreds of On-Demand pumps is a sign that a large-scale, positive impact on the environment is underway.  An ACT D’MAND Kontrols® system works in new and existing homes to gets hot water immediately to any fixture in the house by command of either a wireless/wired activation button, motion sensor, voice-activation, or flow switch—  it’s a hot water distribution system that runs only when it needs to, instead of continuously (like most homes). Costing less than $1 dollar to run each year, just a single system annually saves a household about 10,000 gallons of water, $300 dollars in energy and water bills, and eliminates approximately 3,000lbs of carbon dioxide emissions every 365 days. With a history of government-funded tests attesting to the consistency of the statistics, there’s no question that a huge environmental difference will be seen as consequence of the exchanges made between Meritage Homes, the TriPointe Group, and ACT Inc. in this mass, national provision of instant hot water through Structured Plumbing®.

ABOUT THE TRI POINTE GROUP — Awarded 2015 Builder of the Year and 2014 Developer of the Year, the Tri Pointe Group is one of the top 10 largest public homebuilding companies in America. After merging with WRECO in 2009 (to include Winchester, Pardee, Trendmaker, Maracay, and Quadrant Homes), the Group’s prioritizing of luxury and sustainability leads their mantra “Life inspiring homes” to emerge as one of the greatest growing national influences on the housing market.

ABOUT MERITAGE – As the 2015, 2014, and 2013 Energy Star® Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence, Meritage Homes has been setting the standard for Energy-Efficient Homes upon over 90,000 homes since their 1985 establishment. Building in 9 states (Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, California, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and North and South Carolina), Meritage is as expansive as it is advanced; the company has been credited with being the first national top 10 homebuilder to have every home built 100% Energy Star® certified. Meritage has also committed to offering WaterSense® compliant homes as an option. It’s the 7th largest home builder in the United States, and has made the Forbes “Platinum 400 –Best Big Companies in America” ranking for three consecutive years.

ABOUT THE ACT D’MAND® System’s NATIONAL BUILDERS PROGRAM– Created by Michael Burch of ACT, Inc., the year-old program encourages national builder, incentivized contracts to increase accessibility to the benefits of using ACT’s On Demand hot water delivery systems. With intentions of maximizing America’s environmental efficiency through savings in water and energy, the NBP’s move to strengthen their portfolio to include 3 other national contracts prior to the recent agreements made with Tri Pointe and Meritage.


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