LG Presents Enhanced Energy-Efficient HVAC Solutions for Architects, Design Professionals

ATLANTA – LG Electronics USA, a featured exhibitor at the American Institute of Architects’ AIA Expo 2015, is showing architects and engineers how they can use LG air conditioning systems with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology to help exceed energy management goals and meet objectives for LEED certified projects, while delivering precise occupant comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.
At AIA Expo (booth #837), LG is highlighting projects with real-world applications of VRF solutions that deliver a superior balance of design, comfort and control. The design flexibility of LG systems provides installation solutions for complex spaces, and the freedom to place equipment in a manner that respects the building design unlike anyone in the industry. This is in contrast to traditional equipment, which often demands placement in areas that compromise efficient space utilization and impact rentable square footage.
During the May 14-16 convention, LG will provide architecture and design professionals’ unique opportunities to engage with LG’s innovative air conditioning solutions and network with LG’s top applications engineers. In addition to conducting educational sessions in its booth, LG is leveraging its role as Gold Sponsor of AIA’s Atlanta chapter to host a walking tour of an historic local redevelopment project that is currently pursuing LEED Gold Certification, thanks in large part to its LG VRF air conditioning system.
“LG’s focus on three key areas – efficiency, design flexibility and total project cost – directly addresses the needs of architects looking to satisfy their client’s green building requirements,” said Kevin McNamara, vice president, Air Conditioning Systems, LG Electronics USA. “Through dedicated research and development, we create HVAC systems that not only help lower energy usage and utility bills, but also offer architects and engineers an expansive range of efficient, aesthetically appealing solutions with the ongoing benefit to their clients of cost effective comfort. Simply stated LG doesn’t do VRF, we are VRF in the United States.”
LG’s innovative lineup on display at AIA Expo – including the iconic LG Art Cool Gallery and the LG Multi V IV line, a market leader in efficiency – equips architects and designers with the tools they need to develop residential and commercial buildings designed with environmental impact in mind, while simultaneously enhancing overall interior décor and providing superior occupant comfort.
LG Multi V IV
With industry-leading Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology and decreased total ownership costs, the LG Multi V IV systems deliver outstanding temperature control by enabling occupants to cool or heat only the zones in use. The systems feature compact design, large capacities and AHRI-certified efficiency of up to 36 IEER – one of the highest in the industry – and include the only 42-ton model with a triple-frame configuration available in the United States.
LG Dry Contact
LG now offers an alternative to the standard LG Zone Controller that allows third-party digital thermostat control of LG Multi V indoor units using the LG Dry Contact. The Dry Contact option provides the capability for a homeowner or business to use a controller of their choice – whether from Nest, Honeywell or another third-party provider. It is designed to enable or disable normal indoor unit operations or determine occupancy for setback temperature settings. Moreover, the Dry Contact can indicate if a system malfunction has occurred for simpler maintenance. The LG module is easy to install and can serve as a standalone fixed setpoint controller.
LG Art CoolTm Series
In addition to its VRF systems, LG offers a range of indoor systems many of which are ENERGY STAR® certified. The expanded range of LG Art Cool products go beyond the standard “box on the wall” air conditioning unit.

  • The LG Art Cool Gallery allows consumers to express their personal style by inserting artwork or photography in a customizable frame that also works to heat or cool their space. Initially introduced as a single-zone system, the LG Art Cool Gallery is now compatible with the Multi F outdoor units, which support up to eight indoor units for maximum comfort.
  • The LG Art Cool Mirror indoor units feature a flat panel with a charcoal mirror finish to complement any design aesthetic.
  • The LG Art Cool Premier incorporates revolutionary inverter technology in an easy-to-install, stylish design.

Educational and Interactive Sessions
Further demonstrating its commitment to continuing industry education, LG will be hosting AIA LU qualified 15-minute Expo Chat sessions at its booth throughout the AIA Expo to engage and inspire attendees. LG experts will highlight HVAC technologies that help buildings achieve sought-after LEED certifications, and will use real-world installation projects as examples. Sessions will cover the application of VRF technology in both residential and commercial spaces. There is no sign-up required to attend each session, and attendees can earn a quarter of an AIA credit by attending.
On May 14, LG will also host a walking tour of the historic Commons at the Imperial Hotel, a redevelopment project that is currently pursuing LEED Gold Certification thanks in large part to its LG VRF air conditioning system. On the tour, participants will learn about the preservation of this local landmark and its transformation into permanent housing for underserved communities. 
Simplifying the Design and Specify Process
LG is making it even easier for design professionals to specify and model the impact VRF technologies have on their buildings. Through the company’s leading participation in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Technology Performance Exchange program (https://performance.nrel.gov/), LG is supplying professionals with tools to confidently identify the right applications for VRF and ensure that building systems are designed to achieve maximum efficiency.
For more information on LG products featured at the 2015 AIA Expo or for a schedule of LG’s on-site educational sessions, visit LG Electronics booth #837. Information on the complete profile of LG’s air conditioning systems can be found on www.lghvac.com.

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