Ducts in the Attic? What Were They Thinking?

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Special Report

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As energy-efficiency efforts focus increasingly on existing homes, many construction decisions made decades ago seem inefficient, including duct location in the attic. This analysis focuses on the impact duct location has on cooling load, peak demand and energy cost in hot climates. For example:

  • Locating ducts in attics rather than inside conditioned space increases the cooling load from 0.5 to 1 ton
  • Locating the ducts in the attic instead of inside increases cooling costs by about 15 percent, and demand by 0.75 kilowatts
  • By locating ducts in conditioned space, most of the air leakage and thermal losses of the distribution system goes into cooling the living space
  • Relocating ducts to conditioned space reduces peak demand

Explore how to best relocate your duct system from the attic, and save money and energy.


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