Fundamentals of Xeriscaping and Water-Wise Landscaping

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Fact Sheet

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Although the concept of xeriscaping began in Colorado as a result of severe drought, the idea is rapidly gaining followers throughout the country. This relatively new method of landscape design and maintenance uses less water than traditional techniques. Through the use of seven fundamental principles, xeriscaping creates beautiful garden with plants selected of their natural water efficiency, including native plants and drought tolerant exotics. Water-Wise landscaping combines the principles of xeriscaping with the use of natural plantings. Water-wise and xeriscaping landscaping conserve water, save money, and upkeep is reduced. Download this facts sheet to learn more about conserving water with xeriscaping and water-wise landscape designs.

  • planning and design
  • soil improvement
  • limited turf areas
  • low water use plants
  • efficient irrigation
  • mulching
  • proper maintenance

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