Sealing Your Home's Thermal Envelope

Sealing Your Home's Thermal EnvelopePublication Type:
White Paper

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It is often easy to dismiss the slightest hint of a draft from a light switch or outlet box. Or the small amount of air movement from an entrance door. Maybe some windows are a little drafty. Individually they don’t appear to be a major concern. But, in reality, most homes in the United States have enough of these little drafts that when accumulated is the same as having a window wide open all day, every day. 

Spray foam insulation accomplishes two critical requirements for a properly sealed thermal envelope: it insulates very well and seals the small openings that other insulations cannot do in one step. It also does not settle over time. This white paper, sponsored by Rhino Linings, explains how spray foam insulation can eliminate the heat or energy loss attributed to drafts in your home.

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